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The Best Metal Pooper Scoopers

If you want a clean lawn, picking up after your dog is a must. And while you may be able to get by using your hands, there are plenty of tools out there designed to get the job done faster and with less hassle. A quality pooper scooper is one such solution. These shovel-like devices allow you to dispense with your dog's waste quickly and easily, all while avoiding getting your hands dirty. And while pooper scoopers come in all shapes and sizes, we recommend one made of metal, since it's easier to keep clean and won't hold on to any funky smells. If you're ready to scoop some poop, you've come to the right place. We rounded up some of our favorite models on the market, keeping in mind each one's price, durability, and design. Our favorite option is the DuraScoop Jumbo Scoop, which features a classic handheld design that is both comfortable and convenient to use. If you're looking for something to tackle those bigger loads, however, we recommend the Tooge Pooper Scooper, a rake and tray combo that is ideal for larger dogs and yards. Read on to discover all of our favorite metal pooper scooper and find one that's right for you.

The Best Pig Ears For Dogs

From teething puppies to restless dogs, the canine teething instinct isn't going away anytime soon. For dogs who need something satisfying to chew on, pig ears are an excellent, safe option. They're tough, great for cleaning teeth, and can even strengthen the gums. They have a delicious flavor that dogs tend to love, too. To help you find the best pig ears for your dogs, we've completely scoured the market and built a list of the best versions to purchase today. We didn't go off of only what is popular — we really dove in by considering some important questions, such as: Are these pig ears full of preservatives, or are they naturally made? Will they endure the strength of my toughest chewer's bite? Are they safe? With those criteria in mind, we landed on a few favorites We were extremely impressed by Brutus & Barnaby's all-natural, easily digestible pig ears. We also loved the Jack & Pup version for puppies. We're excited for you to find your match and have an even happier dog at home, so keep on reading to browse through our top picks.

The Best Parakeet Food

When it comes to pet food, every parakeet owner wants to find the very best. Our flying friends need the energy to fuel their playful personalities, and they need to enjoy the flavor enough to eat the food we give them. But quality ingredients and great taste can be difficult to find in one product. That's why we've put together a list of the best parakeet foods on the market today. We found our top picks by asking ourselves questions like, "Is this food made of quality ingredients?" and "Does this mix have the nutrients my bird requires to feel its best?" Our top finds included Kaytee Fiesta for its excellent mix of quality food and flavor, as well as Forti-Diet EggCite for its heart and brain health power. We can't wait for you to find your parakeet's perfect fit on the list below.

The Best Dog Stuff

Dogs are lovable and loyal companions, and it's only natural that we make every effort to take great care of our furry family members. Fortunately, there are a huge array of products designed to make pet owners' jobs easy. From all-purpose grooming brushes to odor-reducing cleaner for stubborn stains, there’s an amazing selection of dog stuff to keep you and your pet happy. To find the best dog stuff, we looked for items that are useful no matter what breed you have or how old your dog is. We loved the interactive puzzle games from Outward Hound because they’re a fun way to give your dog treats or kibble. Besides keeping dogs engaged for hours, these puzzles are excellent for brain function. If you’re looking for new tools for your grooming kit, the Casfuy nail grinder is a safe and easy way to keep your dog’s paws in check. Read on to see our other picks for the best dog stuff along with our in-depth reviews.

The Best Soft Dog Cone Collars

We'd do anything for our dogs, especially when they're hurting. That's why we use soft collars when they're recovering from a rash or injury. We want our pups to play, eat, and roam freely without hard plastic cones getting in their way. To help you find the best soft dog cone collar, we've compiled a list of the best options on the market. For something that can be easily stored, Bencmate's inflatable e-collar works wonders for minor injuries or rashes. If you'd like a functional soft cone that also looks adorable, Alfie sells a charming e-collar that looks like a flower. No matter what type of dog you have, we've got a collar for you. Read on to learn more about these great alternatives to hard plastic recovery cones.

The Best Reptile Decor

Having a pet reptile is a great joy and responsibility. As their human parent, it's your job to make sure your scaly friend is happy and healthy, and it starts with their tank. Creating a home for your reptile should reflect their specific heating, lighting, nesting, and climbing needs. Then there are the fun things, like adding in toys and fixtures for your pet to enjoy. If you're just starting out in the world of reptile pet ownership, or are looking to get inspired for a tank revamp, we've got you covered. Finding the perfect addition to your pet's tank can be tricky if you're unsure where to begin. We've found a handful of great products that we know you and your reptilian friend will absolutely love. This list reflects the best products in regards to comfort, value, and style. Give your pet a cozy spot to kick back and relax with the Penn Plax seagrass lounger, which suctions securely to the side of their tank for a reliable rest. But you can't have a complete home without a great hideaway spot, such as the Zilla Decor rock lair, which offers your little friend the space they need while resting easily. To find out more about which products you need to amp up your reptile's crib, read on below.

The Best Service Dog Harnesses

Service dogs work hard for us every day, and they more than deserve a harness that will keep them comfortable and safe. We need a product that will give us the ability to control our pups as needed and one that will help them do their job, too. The right product will accomplish both of these tasks so that you and your helpful furry friend can work together as seamlessly as possible.

The Best Dog Tie Out Cables

For some dogs, the call of the wild is too strong. They can't help but yearn to roam, hunt, and frolic outdoors, with its smorgasbord of scents and sounds. While we applaud the spirit of these adventurous canines, we also want them to be safe. So if your dog stays outside but you don't have adequate fencing to keep them enclosed, you'll need a good tie-out cable. So how do you choose a good tie-out cable for your pooch? That's where we come in with this list of the best dog tie-out cables you can buy. For example, if you have a large backyard and a big dog, we highly recommend the 50-foot reflective XiaZ for its strength, durability, and weather resistance — it even comes in a 100-foot length for dogs who really need space to run. Meanwhile, if your dog is on the smaller side, or your yard doesn't have much space, Petest's 25-foot cable has you covered. With a great tie-out cable, you can give your pup freedom to run around, without compromising your peace of mind over their safety. Keep reading to learn more about these top-notch dog cables.