Save A Dog: Animal Charity Rescues Chained Dog Who Was Dragged Behind Car For 100 Yards

A dog named Oreo is, thankfully, recovering after surviving horrific abuse. Reports say that she was chained to the back of a car by her neck and dragged for about 100 yards at 35 miles per hour in Youngstown, Ohio.

Oreo suffered some pretty severe injuries. But authorities and Jess, a Humane Agent for Animal Charity of Ohio, removed Oreo from the dangerous situation and brought her to receive care from medical staff.


Now she’s getting the love she needs. Here’s the full story of what happened and how you can help.

A Terrifying Ordeal & A Heroic Rescue

On May 29th, 2022, witnesses spotted a car dragging a dog, chained to the back, at about 35 miles per hour. The witnesses managed to turn around and stop the car from dragging the dog further as they called the authorities.

Police arrived on the scene and found Oreo chained to a nearby residence. Jess, the Humane Agent, arrived shortly after.

Jane Macmurchi, Operations Director at Animal Charity of Ohio, said, “There was blood splatter throughout the street and drag marks of blood going down the street.”

A Facebook post from Animal Charity of Ohio detailed Oreo’s injuries. “She has at least two broken toes on each paw. All her paws have been degloved, the rear ones severely. Road rash on her abdomen which caused a lot bleeding. Broken nails and abrasions on all her legs.”

Animal Charity of Ohio expects animal cruelty charges to be filed soon. Despite Oreo’s injuries, the group reports that “she is still wagging her tail and wants to be held.”

The organization also thanked the witnesses who turned around and stopped the car. Without them, Oreo could have suffered much worse injuries or even died. They are heroes, as are those who came to Oreo’s rescue.

What Can You Do To Help?

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Like many shelters and rescue groups, Animal Charity of Ohio is overwhelmed by the number of animals in their care. They rely on donations to help all of these pets waiting for forever homes.

You can find out more about donating to the group or even volunteering here. Any help you give will certainly go a long way for both Oreo and other animals like her.

If you spot animal abuse, here are a few steps you should take to report it to authorities:

  • Create a detailed, written report of the approximate date, time, and location of the abuse.
  • Take cell phone photos and videos of the pet, the location, and the surrounding environment if possible. But be sure to play it extremely safe — do not enter another person’s property without permission. Pets may also be afraid and in pain, so use caution.
  • Get contact information from anyone else who has noticed the abuse.

You can find our full guide on spotting and reporting pet abuse here!

Are you glad to see Oreo recovering and getting the love she needs? What do you think should be the penalty for such cruel abuse? Let us know in the comments below.