Save A Dog: Miami Beach, Florida Firefighters Rescue Dog Who Stumbled Into The Bay

A couple sit as the sun sets in the background in South Bay, Miami Beach, Florida on July 14, 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic. - The US state of Florida -- one of the current epicenters in the nation's coronavirus crisis -- on Tuesday posted a record number of deaths for a 24-hour period at 132. The state department of health announced the grim milestone in its daily statistics on the virus pandemic. It reported more than 9,000 new cases in the same 24-hour span.

(Picture Credit: CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images)

Friendly neighborhood firefighters rescued a poor pup who fell and couldn’t get up in Miami Beach, Florida last week.

While playing with her companion at a dog park next to the Bay, the pup tumbled off a ledge and into the water.


Being a steep drop-off with no entry point, firefighters were called in to assist, and the heartwarming video soon made its way online.

Check Out This Miami Beach Dog Rescue

Firefighters Santis and Escudero, from Fire Rescue Truck 22 and Engine 2, responded to the call. Shortly after the incident, the firehouse posted a video of the rescue to Facebook, reports PEOPLE.

In the video, you can see how impossible it would have been for the pup’s mom to retrieve her from the Bay herself. To save the dog, the firefighters used a roof ladder, lowered down into the water, in order to climb down to her.

Fortunately for the pup, the water wasn’t very deep, only about thigh-high, which you can deduce from the video when the firefighter enters the water.

From there, he takes hold of the scared pup’s harness and hauls her up into his arms. With the dog wriggling, the second firefighter steps in to help secure the ladder so the other can bring her to safety.

Once they get back on solid ground, it becomes apparent that the dog might be a service pup. Printed on her harness are the words “do not pet” and “in training.”

Whoever was filming the video, likely someone from the fire department, says “It’s okay!” to the crowd that had formed.

The relieved dog mom says a heartfelt, “I’m sorry, guys,” to the firefighters and tells her pup to “say thank you” to them, as well.

Of course, her thank you was to shake out her drenched coat, spraying everyone. Good pup.

What would you do if your dog was in a situation like this pup? Have you ever had to call on the assistance of firefighters to rescue a dog? Let us know in the comments below.