Don’t Skip Playtime: Here Are 5 Benefits Of Playing With Your Dog

Dog Playing

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If there’s one thing your dog looks forward to every day, it’s that time when they get to go out and let loose with you. Of course, I am referring to playtime.

It’s that wonderful feeling akin to playing catch with dad or playing hide n’ seek with your friends in the neighborhood when you were still little. But beyond seeing our beloved pups just having fun outside and enjoying themselves, there are a lot of benefits to playing with them.


And if you do take them out, make sure they at least have 30 minutes of walking or playing time to really maximize the benefits.

Here are five benefits you and your dog receive when you play with them.

1.  You’ll Keep Them Mentally Healthy

Like humans, dogs can get bored easily. It’s even worse if you’re a pet parent who has to go to work all day, leaving them at home.

Playing with your dog really helps with the mental aspect of boredom and stimulates their brain. Interactive games like throwing a ball and having them fetch helps to build their focus and discipline.

This also helps keep your dog alert to their surroundings.

2. You’ll Promote Their Physical Well Being

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Everyone needs a little exercise in their daily life. It helps maintain a healthy body among many other benefits. And dogs are no exception because they also need exercise to stay in good health.

Being able to play or walk outside can help maintain their healthy organs and lubricate their joints, as they might be lying down all day while you’re at work.

Not only is exercise good for their health, but they’ll also be able to expend all the pent-up energy they might have while waiting for you to come home.

3. You’ll Bond With Your Pup

Being able to go out with your dog, whether it’s a simple walk or playing at your nearby park, will help you grow closer with them. It’s one of the many benefits of playtime with your pup.

Getting to spend quality time with your beloved pooch can help strengthen the love and friendship you share with them. You provide them with the chance to have fun, and you help earn more of their trust and loyalty.

They’ll even come to know you as the one who brings joy to their life.

4. You Can Relieve Their Anxiety

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Playing with your dog will help alleviate any anxiety or stress they might have, especially when you leave them at home all day.

Spending time with your pup can definitely help soothe their nerves and give them a calm demeanor.

Playing with them can also help foster a more positive outlook for yourself, especially if you battle depression or feel stressed.

5. It’s Good For You, Too!

With all of the benefits your dog might have during playtime, it can also benefit you! Being able to go out for a walk or playing fetch with them is not only physical exercise for them, but for you, as well.

It can also help stimulate you mentally and relieve stress when you’re focusing on your pup and nothing else. And of course, the bond you forge during playtime with your dog will last them their whole life, as well as yours.

What benefits dog you get from playing with your dog? Does your dog seem to feel better after a good play session? Let us know in the comments below!