Fur Laughs: Watch Silly Sibling Dogs Talk & Bicker With Each Other [VIDEOS]

Dogs Argue

(Picture Credit: Lothar Brademann/Getty Images)

All dogs have their own unique personalities. Some are quiet and reserved while others are energetic and all over the place.

No matter what personality your dog might have, one thing is for certain: they are not afraid to voice their opinion when they need to. And that doesn’t just apply to when they speak to us pet parents.


If you have more than one dog at home, I’m sure you’ve seen some sibling squabbling or arguing between your two, or even three pups — or more!

But if you haven’t seen how sibling dogs at home interact together, here are a few videos of dogs hilariously talking and arguing with each other. Enjoy!

Two Golden Retrievers Arguing Over, Well, Something

In this cute video, we catch a beautiful Golden Retriever entering a room where his brother is hanging out. Immediately he starts to bicker and whine at his brother who continues to lie there quietly.

Eventually the other brother starts to argue back, and you can almost imagine them arguing over someone playing with the other’s toys.

It’s a cute back and forth between Golden Retriever siblings, and we wish we knew what they were really arguing about.

One Husky Wants To Play While The Other Just Wants To Nap

Sometimes you just don’t have the energy to do anything, and all you want to do is relax. That’s what one beautiful young Husky, Mishka, wanted to do as she was lying comfortably on an ottoman.

And then her sister, Laika, arrived with all the energy. In the video above, we catch an argument ensuing as Laika tries to entice her sister to come play. But Mishka, too comfortable in her spot, refuses to oblige.

Their humans even added in some subtitles to the arguing, which makes it even more entertaining to watch.

Two Young Puppies Playing & Bickering During A Road Trip

You might have seen it in the National Lampoon’s Vacation series. A father tries to take his family on a cross country road trip and often finds his children in the back seat bickering and getting into each other’s space. Maybe you’re a parent, yourself, and you’ve experienced it first-hand.

Even pet parents who have more than one dog sometimes have to deal with sibling rivalry on car rides. In the video above, we see two young puppies, Charles and Marley, as they play and argue in the back.

They paw and bark at each other as their humans film them from the front. It’s adorable how they pass the time in the back seat.

Boxer & German Shepherd Siblings Fight Over Bed

If you have siblings, this might bring back memories from your childhood. Having to share most everything when you don’t want to often leads to a lot of arguing and crying to mom. It’s no different for sibling dogs.

We watch in the clip above as this cute Boxer tries to slowly creep into the huge bed. But his German Shepherd brother is having none of it as he barks and throws a tantrum, wanting his brother off the mattress.

It’s a hilarious video that will definitely make you shake your head and smile.

Do your dogs argue like siblings? Have you captured any funny squabbles between your fur kids on video? Let us know in the comments below!