Fur Laughs: Watch These Dogs Play With Some Pretty Unusual Toys [VIDEOS]

Dog Unusual Toys

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Sometimes you’ll find your dog playing with the most interesting things they can get their paws on.

You could take them to the dog park with their favorite ball in hand, and they end up playing with sticks on the ground. Or you might have ordered a toy for them through Amazon, and they somehow like playing with the packaging more than the actual toy.


Whatever the case may be, our beloved pups will always find ways to entertain themselves.

Check out these six hilarious dogs who found entertainment value in some uncommon things.

Golden Retriever Puzzled By Cat Toy

If you have both a dog and cat at home, you might have seen them playing with each other’s toys at one point or another. In the clip above, we catch Tucker, a beautiful Golden Retriever, who has a cat toy given to him by his human mom.

At first the pup is somewhat curious as the toy buzzes and moves around. Eventually it raises Tucker’s ire to the point that he gets up and starts to move it around with his paw.

It’s a funny moment, and we’re lucky Tucker’s mom got it on camera!

German Shepherds Love Their Christmas Tree

In the quick video above, we find a man in his backyard with his two German Shepherds.

Clearly Christmas has passed for this family, but their pups have not realized this yet. In fact, they try to fight for the Christmas tree their human dad is trying to get rid of.

Their mom records from a window in their home, laughing as she watches her husband try to get rid of the tree while the German Shepherds tug from the other side, hoping they can keep it.

These funny dogs think the Christmas tree is a huge stick they can play with.

Molly Finds A Big Stick While Out On A Walk

Have you ever taken your dog out for a routine walk and found them picking up the most unusual things during their trek?

Take the adorable pup above, for instance. Molly is on a walk with her pet parents when she comes across a fallen branch on the side of the road. Thinking it can be her new toy at home, she decides to drag it back.

The only problem is that this branch is more than three times her length! Still, she drags it for as long as she can while her humans record her and laugh.

It’s an adorable moment for this cute, little pup!

Scout Loves Playing With The Door Stopper

Sometimes our pups will play with the most random things in the house. Scout, the adorable little Golden Retriever above, comes across a door stopper while wandering at home.

At first, he paws at it, watching it as it bounces back and forth. Soon he starts to bark and bite at it, hoping his new fascination will talk back to him. It doesn’t, of course, which frustrates Scout even more as he continues to bark and look to his human for any assistance in the matter.

What a cute little puppy!

Shiba Inu Gets Curious With An Electrical Toy Car

We think of remote controlled toy cars as being for human kids. But in this clip, we find one that a beautiful Shiba Inu can enjoy them, too.

Haru, a popular Shiba on social media, receives her first remote controlled car. At first, she keeps her distance, watching until it moves. Then, she quickly gets up to check it out.

The car moves again, and Habu tries to stifle its movement by pinning it down with her paws. When it doesn’t work, Habu starts barking at it, hoping it will understand what she’s trying to say.

It’s cuteness overload!

Human Dresses Up As Dog’s Favorite Toy

No matter what kinds of things our dogs end up finding and playing with, one thing is usually for certain — they always have their favorite toy. In a sea of ropes and balls, plush toys and things that squeak, they can usually spot the one toy they love the most.

Take this pooch, for instance. Her favorite toy is a green, plush Gumby doll. In this clip, we see as her human dad comes into frame dressed up exactly like her favorite toy.

It surprises her at first, but soon the excitement catches up with her as she rushes and takes down her bigger-sized toy. It’s a cute gesture from her pet parents who truly will do anything to make their pup happy.

Did any of these funny pups make you laugh with their odd toys? Does your dog have an unusual toy? Let us know in the comments below!