Dogs On Duty: 5 Hero Dogs Who Saved People’s Lives

Dog Heroes

(Picture Credit: PeopleImages/Getty Images)

A hero is someone who selflessly comes in with a helping hand — or paw — for anyone who’s facing peril. And what’s great about heroes is they can come in any shape, form, or species — even a dog!

We’ve seen the heroics of Lassie on television when she regularly saved her family from sticky situations. But the heroics of dogs aren’t confined to just your television screen or stories of fiction.


There are many loving and loyal dogs out there who’ve saved the lives of their humans, and we’ve got a few stories that demonstration their courage. Here are five hero dogs who saved people’s lives.

1. Sako Protects His Human After Car Crash

In Kanaka Bar, British Columbia, sometime in the summer of 2014, then 16-year-old Joseph Phillips-Garcia was heading home after a day of fishing with his aunt, friend, cousin, and Sako, a four-year-old King Shepherd.

Unfortunately, the car went off the road and 100 yards down a steep hill into the forest. Joseph and Sako were, sadly, the only two to survive the crash.

Suffering from a broken leg and collar bone, Joseph was stranded with no way to get back on the road. And with his sustained injuries and the cold of night soon coming, Joseph was in worlds of danger.

But that’s when Sako’s heroics came into play. Sako did everything he could. He kept Joseph warm throughout the night and then helped him get to a nearby creek for water.

Sako even fought a pack of coyotes off until a rescue team came through 40 hours later. It was a true test of not just courage, but the loyalty of a dog, as well.

2. Yolanda Dials 9-1-1 To Help Her Blind Human

Maria Colon, a Puerto-Rican native who moved to Philadelphia, lost her eyesight in the early 1990s. She then adopted a service dog, a beautiful Golden Labrador, named Yolanda, to assist her with her daily life.

But Yolanda would be called on to do more than just guide Maria. A fire broke out one night in Maria’s home as she was asleep. Noticing the smell of smoke in the air, Maria called on Yolanda by yelling “danger,” an emergency word she was trained to know.

Yolanda immediately dialed 911 through a specialized phone, and soon after, emergency services came to their aid. After a few days away getting treatment, they were reunited, and Maria has been grateful to Yolanda ever since.

3. Peanut Leads Her Parents To A 3-Year-Old Girl Stuck In A Ditch

A dog named Peanut who lived in Rapid River, Michigan with her humans saved a little girl’s life.

During a typical morning, a husband and wife couple noticed their newly adopted dog, Peanut, was running up and down the stairs, barking and sprinting until the couple decided to let her outside the backyard.

As soon as Peanut was let out, she went barreling towards the field behind the couple’s house. The husband followed until he came across a three-year-old girl in a ditch, curled up and shaking from the cold.

Authorities came and took the girl to a nearby hospital. An investigation soon revealed she’d been in unsafe living conditions, and emergency services took both the girl and her sister from the neglectful parents.

What’s even more amazing is the fact that Peanut had also come from an abusive home prior to being saved by her current pet parents. This is another reason why we love dogs! They just know!

4. Bretagne, The Last Of The Canine Responders During 9/11

During one of the most horrific events on US soil, one of the many heroes who valiantly worked to save lives was a dog named Bretagne, a search and rescue Golden Retriever whose very first assignment was searching for survivor’s during 9/11.

Braving the deadly fires, falling debris, and other perils, Bretagne risked her life to help find others. Even after 9/11, she assisted during Hurricanes Katrina and Ivan.

She eventually retired at ten years old and went to elementary schools as a reading dog and did more community service than most humans have. In the end of a beautiful and courageous life, Bretagne died at 16 after suffering from kidney failure.

Her accomplishments and service will never be forgotten!

5. Babu Saves Her 83-Year-Old Mom From A Tsunami

On March 11th, 2011, an earthquake hit the district of Taro-Kawamukai in Japan. A Shih Tzu named Babu, who was twelve years old at the time, started furiously circling the living room.

This odd behavior led 83-year-old Tami Akanuma to grab the leash and take her out. As soon as they were outside, Babu pulled and strained her way towards a nearby hill, which was the exact opposite direction of the normal route they took when Babu and Tami went for a walk.

Tami decided to follow her dog’s lead, and she was glad she did, for as soon as they reached the top of the hill, a devastating tsunami hit the district in which she lived. It’s an amazing act of love that makes Babu a hero!

Do you think your dog would be your hero if you were in danger? Do you know any dogs who deserve to be added to this list? Let us know in the comments below!