Fur Laughs: Watch These 7 Funny Dogs Reacting To Movies & TV Shows [VIDEOS]

Dog Reacting Movies

(Picture Credit: Marco_Piunti/Getty Images)

A good movie or show can evoke our emotions and bring us together for a great story. No matter what your favorite genre is, you know you might find yourself hiding behind a pillow in fear or falling off your chair with laughter, among other things.

But who’s to say we are the only ones who can enjoy a good flick or series? If you look closely enough, you might notice the same thing you’re watching is having a similar effect on your dog, as well. And there’s nothing like seeing your dog invested as much as you are when you’re watching a good movie or show together.


So let’s enjoy these videos of seven dogs watching and reacting to movies and TV shows.

1. Bulldog Cheers On King Kong

Elvis and Khaleesi are two Bulldogs who love to watch movies. In fact, they have their own YouTube channel dedicated to them watching and reacting to all genres of films.

In the clip above, we watch Khaleesi enjoying the 2005 remake of King Kong, by director Peter Jackson. This cute little pup sits at the edge of the bed as Naomi Watts’ character finds herself in deep trouble on Skull Island.

But before things get worse, Kong shows up to save the day, and Khaleesi can’t be more thrilled as she cheers him on.

We were cheering too, Khaleesi. What a great movie!

2. Pup Gets Emotional Watching The Lion King

One of the many amazing abilities dogs have is their capacity to empathize with us humans. That’s why when they see us happy, they get excited, and when we’re down, they feel sad. But it’s truly something else when you see them sympathize for an animated character on television.

Luna, who was four months old at the time her human recorded the video above, really got emotional when watching the scene in The Lion King where Mufasa tragically passes. We watch as she cries and even lies down when Simba lies next to his father.

It’s an emotional scene that not only got Luna crying, but us, too.

3. Stryker Loves The Movie Bolt

Stryker is a German Shepherd who loves movies, and it shows. But his all-time favorite movie is Disney’s Bolt which originally was released in 2008.

In fact, you can see how much he loves this movie in the near five-minute video above. Stryker gets so excited he can barely contain it.

Anytime his favorite character, Bolt, shows up on screen, he races right up to greet him. He runs back and forth, chews his toys, and wags his tail in excitement as the movie plays on.

It’s the kind of enthusiasm that makes us want to watch this movie with our pups over and over again!

4. German Shepherd Howls While Watching Zootopia

Here’s another adorable German Shepherd and another Disney classic. This time, it’s the movie Zootopia — a particular favorite for this beautiful pup.

In the scene, we spot the sly fox, Nick Wilde, voiced by Jason Bateman, trying to avoid being found by a couple of wolves. But before he gets spotted, Judy Hopps, voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin, saves the day by howling away.

This causes not only the wolves in the movie to start howling, but the cute German Shepherd who’s watching them.

It’s a long, beautiful howl from a gorgeous German Shepherd enjoying his favorite movie.

5. Maylo Reacts To The Ring

Why do we watch scary movies? It’s a genre where every tense scene has us hiding behind anything and everything we can grab on the couch to avoid seeing the monsters. In fact, Maylo the Jack Russell mix might be just like us when it comes to watching scary movies.

In the quick, thirty-second clip above, we catch Maylo in the middle of a scary scene from The Ring, which was released in 2002.

As the ghostly woman crawls out of the television set, Maylo looks like he tries to hide under a pillow. He waits a moment before checking to see if the ghost is still there. Then Maylo goes back to hiding under the pillow.

I know, boy; we feel your pain, too.

6. Heidi Needs Her Bed Before She Can Watch TV

Before the start of any binge watch session, the first thing we typically do is get comfortable. We kick off our shoes, grab some snacks, and find a nice, comfy spot on the couch. But we’re not the only ones who like to get comfortable before the show starts.

Take Heidi for example. As soon as her human turns the television on, she’s ready to watch. But before she can enjoy the documentary series, Planet Earth, she needs her comfy spot — her bed.

Leaving the room, she quickly returns dragging her bed with her. She places it right in front of the television before enjoying the start of the show.

We wish we could drag our bed in front of the television too, Heidi!

7. Dog Licks Pizza On Television Screen

While this clip may be a dog reacting to a commercial instead of a specific movie or show, it’s a hilarious reaction, nonetheless.

Not everyone watches a movie through a streaming service. Sometimes a good flick comes on through cable television, which means you’ll get commercials in-between. And sometimes those commercials involve food.

In the short clip we catch a paused advertisement for pizza and a cute little pup trying to lick the pepperoni off the screen.

I know, buddy; it looks oh-so-delicious to us, too!

Do you ever curl up with your dog in front of the TV? Does your dog react to movies or shows at home? Let us know in the comments below!