9 Things You Need If You Travel With Your Dog Over The Holidays

Two dachshunds ready to go with their toys packed in a suitcase.

(Picture Credit: Elizabeth W. Kearley/Getty Images)

The weather is getting colder, and winter holidays are on the way. It’s a time to celebrate, and for many of us that means traveling with our dogs.

We don’t want to leave our pups at home. It’s hard to find a sitter this time of year, and our dogs are family, too.

Having to travel with your dog can be difficult, and the holidays present some additional challenges. Also, with the ongoing pandemic, you may be wary of traveling at all. But if you do end up going somewhere with your dog, you’ll be glad that you prepared!

Here are nine essentials that you’ll want to have if you travel with your dog over the holidays.

What essential items do you bring when you’re traveling with your dog? Is your pup going to be with you for the holidays? Let us know in the comments below!